Main activity:
Design, Development and Manufacture of High Power Diode Lasers Emitting in l = 0.8 mm - 1.8 mm Wavelength Range using MOCVD-grown heterostructures based on In-Ga-Al-As-P solid solutions.
Main research and production directions:
  1. High power broad area single-emitter laser diodes (l=0.8 mm - 1.8 mm)
  2. High power single lateral mode laser diodes (l=0.9mm - 1.8 mm)
  3. High power superluminescent diodes
  4. High power laser diode bars
  • MOCVD laser heterostructure growth technology
    (EMCORE GS/3100 and EPIQUIP VP-50RP)
  • Complete post-growth technology for wafer processing including:
    • Photolithography
    • Wet and dry chemical etching (“ALCATEL”)
    • Ti/Pt/Au ohmic contact formation
    • Dielectric coating deposition
  • Laser diode mounting, packaging and characterization
  • Lifetime tests
  • 30-years experience in the development and manufacture of semiconductor lasers
  • Availability of complete laser diode manufacture process within the Laboratory
  • Flexibility of manufacture process
Available laser diode packages:
SOT-148 (9 mm),
open heatsinks,
HHL (open window and fiber coupled)
Basic applications:
  • Fiber and solid-state laser pumping
  • Telecommunications
  • CATV amplifiers
  • Medical
  • Materials processing
  • For Laboratory and University needs